We will be donating a fixed amount of 1€ per item sold to chosen charities.

Our Promise

We will be donating a fixed amount of 1€ per item sold to chosen charities.

By making the conscious choice of buying our clothes, YOU will be part of the Tao&friends cause.

Our aim is to introduce one new charity every year. We will chose a charity that is linked to one of our friends, a little someone who has been through a lot and touched our hearts, and help him/her as well as others in the same situation.

There are many kids in need around the world and we want to help out and make a difference!

Let's spread the goodwill! 


Meet Elsa and our first charity

Elsa was born lifeless on March 14th 2014 and it took the medical staff what seemed a lifetime to get her to respond. She was rushed to intensive care and following several tests the doctors feared the birth might have damaged her brain. Elsa had to be cooled down and put in an artificial coma to limit the damages she might have incurred. Elsa didn't have an easy start to life.

These first hours and days felt like a rollercoaster ride between hope and fear. We are forever thankful to the Winniecott Foundation that provided the care and support in these precious moments. Our little Elsa is a tough cookie and she fought through - today she is a happy, loving, and crazy little girl. A miracle. Our miracle.

No amount could ever be enough, but even the smallest donation could help another child and comfort another family.

We will start by donating to the Winnicott Foundation for their admirable efforts in the neonatal unit of St Mary's Hospital in London- for which we are eternally grateful.

About The Winnicott Foundation

 An independent registered charity, the Winnicott Foundation was founded in 1985 by parents and doctors who wanted to do more for premature and sick babies than the UK National Health Service (NHS) was able to do. Originally formed to help the neonatal unit at St Mary’s Hospital, the charity is now supporting several neonatal units across London.
The Winnicott Foundation works with staff and parents to meet the long-term and day-to-day needs of babies and families and of the neonatal units. The charity goes above and beyond what the NHS is able to provide and raises funds to improve care by;
- helping to save the lives of premature and sick newborn babies
- helping families to be with their babies
- helping to give premature and sick babies a better long-term future